Your front door to invest in the canton of Vaud

The role of the Development Economic – State of Vaud (“DEV”) is to promote the economy, facilitate the establishment of new companies and to create jobs in the region.

DEV is an association formed and financed by the Canton of Vaud and its members. It has been organized specifically to welcome and assist foreign companies in setting-up their activities in the region.

As a result of its collaboration with various public institutions, including the inter-cantonal economic development agency of the Greater Geneva Bern area (GGBa) as well as with large, private institutions and local service providers, DEV has succeeded in developing a strong worldwide network and reputation.

In carrying out its mission, DEV works closely with private partners, such as banks, notaries and lawyers, as well as public institutions, in particular, with the Department of the Economy and Sport (DECS), through its division for the Office for Economic Affairs (SPECo).  DEV also works in close collaboration with the Department of Finances and External Relations (DFIRE) through the Cantonal Tax Administration (ACI).

Furthermore, it is important to note its cooperation with the regional economic promotion associations brought together under the auspices of the Coordination of the Economic Development of the canton of Vaud (CODEV).