Finding suitable premises

The canton of Vaud has a wide range of land available for construction as well as existing premises suitable administrative, commercial or industrial activities at very attractive conditions.

DEV has the necessary tools to allow them to identify development sites, available premises, industrial sites and specific infrastructure throughout the canton. They call on a network of private partners and public and semi-public organizations, including:

Private service providers

Property services in Switzerland are mostly in the hands of the private sector. Numerous agencies are on hand to help you in this field. The property associations are your first point of contact for all aspects of renting premises. Here are a few links you might find helpful in this regard:

Your partners for building or renovation projects are construction enterprises. Here are a few helpful links:

Regional associations

To help smooth the process, regional associations are on hand to help people setting up companies find suitable premises and/or land. They have all the information regarding the procedures involved in setting up a company in the region and the various ways of finding premises that simultaneously serve the interests of the commercial or industrial activity and protect the environment.

Science and technology parks, incubators and strategic sites (priority development sites)


Carte des sites stratégiques cantonaux

The canton of Vaud has available several incubators providing companies operating in technical fields with offices, laboratories, services and a favourable environment for the development of new activities as well as science parks:

A. Ecublens Science Park (PSE) and EPFL Innovation Center

B. Yverdon Science and Technology Park (Y-Parc)

C. Biopôle (Life Science)

D. Aeropôle (Payerne Airport - aeronautics)

E. Sainte-Croix Microwelding Technology Center

F. Orbe Greentech Center (energy and environmental technology)

H. Ateliers de la Ville de Renens (design and technology)

Strategic sites (priority development sites)

For a number of years, the canton of Vaud has actively pursued a policy of developing strategic sites. There are 19 such locations (also known as priority development sites) situated throughout the canton. These sites provide premises that are furnished, approved, and quick and easy for companies to occupy.