A pearl in the heart of Europe

Situated in the heart of Europe, between lakes and mountains, the canton of Vaud is the largest French-speaking region in Switzerland, one of the world’s most prosperous nations, which enjoys a quality of life among the highest in the world.

It brings together all of Switzerland’s qualities: innovation, dynamism in economic development and in investments, productivity, a high quality education system, political stability, an attractive tax system, a highly qualified and cosmopolitan workforce, extremely competitive financial services, a rich and varied economy, and especially an incomparable quality of life!

Our canton is strategically situated at the crossroads of the major Swiss and European motorways and railways, making it a region open to the world and easily accessible. The European capitals are accessible within a short travel time from the international airport of Geneva, which simplifies business travel for international managers.

Ideal environment

The canton of Vaud has the sophisticated infrastructure in place, providing access to and services for numerous business centers with existing premises and land available for construction. At the same time, the sense of responsibility to protect the environment held by the government and individuals alike has helped to maintain the region’s landscapes of rare quality.

Finally, Vaud population has an abundance of talents from colleges and universities of our region, whose reputation of excellence and innovation capacity are widely recognized throughout the world.

For all these reasons, many headquarters and high technology companies have chosen the Canton of Vaud.

One canton, a region on a human scale, in which it is worth settling, living and working!

You will find more information about the canton of Vaud on the website Vaud.ch: