Agribusiness technologies

Nestlé chose to set up its most important research centre (Nestlé Research Center) close to Vaud’s capital, Lausanne.

This centre is at the cutting edge of technology and knowledge associated with nutrition, bioanalytics, functional foods and food safety. There are no less than 300 scientists from 45 different countries working at this facility.

In addition, the NRC and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL) have initiated a new form of collaboration between an academic institution and industry: a long-term partnership in the service of research and in education in the field of cognitive neuroscience. This is a genuine partnership in basic research into mechanisms enabling the brain to integrate different sensory modalities, one of the greatest challenges in modern neurobiology.

And let’s not forget in this field, the success of Nespresso in the market covering portioned coffee capsules. This line of business is the fastest growing at the whole of Nestlé.